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September - Flying, Fun and Falls

It may have been a quieter month but that doesn’t mean it’s been any less exciting. We’ve had another Pony Club Show Day, the Saturday Morning Club and our newest start up – weekday group lessons!

Let’s start however, with the start of the month: Show Day! And what a fabulous Show Day it was. As you know, in August we held a Summer Showcase for the younger children. A day for them to show off their ever-improving skills and ability whilst riding in the Dressage and Obstacle Races. Therefore, September had to be just as brilliant, and it did not disappoint.

Ben, Vicky, Sienna, Rachel, Penny, Alice and Saskia competed against one another to be placed in Dressage and Pairs Show Jumping throughout the day. In the morning the teenagers groomed, tacked up and made themselves spick and span for a Pony Club Standard Tack and Turnout inspection. Once completed, they were in the saddle warming up for their morning Dressage test: The Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2009. All seven competitors did extremely well but unfortunately (we don’t make the rules) only one can come first. Placings are below:

1st – Alice and Hamish

2nd – Ben and Herbie

3rd – Penny and Pip

4th – Sienna and Meggy

5th – Rachel and Hamish

6th – Vicky and Dreamer

7th – Saskia and Belle

The afternoon held host to a fun and amusing Show Jumping event. There were four sets of pairs (meaning people) who had to work together as a team to jump a course of nine jumps against the clock. Whoever had the quickest time, wins. If you follow our Facebook page you will have seen the videos of the event – and the outtakes. We had two falls from Rachel and Ben, both were unharmed and re-mounted to complete the course, and a few refusals, too. Now, do not think we have naughty ponies, far from it! But Show Jumping is an exciting and colourful sport and sometimes things can go wrong. Overall, it was an exciting experience for all the riders and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did setting it up. The placings are as follows:

1st – Alice and Hamish; Saskia and Belle

2nd – Penny and Pip; Sienna and Dreamer

3rd- Ben and Herbie; Kayleigh and Belle

4th – Rachel and Hamish; Vicky and Dreamer

As previously stated, we had a Pony Club Tack and Turnout inspection in the morning. It is judged on everything from clean tack to having a matching pair of gloves. We gave everybody a fair chance but in the end the winner was Saskia and Belle, whose boots were polished to perfection!

And as the new school term settled in, so did our new Autumn routines. The Saturday Morning Club continues – and again, a big thank you to everyone and your continued support for our little Riding School. The children continue to progress every week in their riding and theory, and we do hope they continue their learning when they leave the stables, even if it’s just reeling off poisonous plants to Mum and Dad on the car journey home. Either way, it makes all the difference, and that’s why we have started weekday group lessons for the more able riders. It’s a new venture and early days but so far, with the help of you guys, it can become something great!

Thank you again to everyone who has joined in the fun this month and your continued support. We really could not do it without you!

Until next month,

Lime Oaks

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