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We take pride in our horses and riders and we think it only right that you get to see why. Please look through all the pictures we have taken over the years and maybe, in no time at all, you'll be on here too!*

*Photography may be used on the premises. By entering our Lime Oaks Riding Centre premises you hereby authorise the Centre to use any footage for promotional & PR purposes, or on our website. You as customers may take photos but Lime Oaks cannot be liable for the distribution of photos taken by you or others 

Izy, Lilly, Isla and Georgie
Izy, Lilly, Isla and Georgie

Meg and Alice grazing

Lucy and Isla riding Meggy and Pip

Lily-Mae riding Dreamer

Sienna riding Cross Country on Meggy

Kayleigh and Rosie presenting end of year awards for Pony Club

Isla riding Pip

Hard at work!

Hacking out, even in the rainy weather

Alice riding Hamish out at the Escrick Park Hunter trial - October 2016


Kaela and Meggy before her Dressage test 2016

Isla riding Pip on a hack

Penny jumping Pip

Penny learning to long line with Dreamer

Elouisa riding Herbie

Heather teaching Lily-Mae on Dreamer

Holly, Rosie, Alice and Rachel - the Old gang - riding Herbie, Hamish, Samson and Bracken (No longer with us)

Ben jumping Herbie

Lucy and Meggy

Saskia jumping Belle

Around the campfire at Camp 2015

Rosie jumping Samson

Isla and Lily-Mae out on a hack with Pip and Meggy


Rachel and Samson

Naomi and Kaela making Meggy look nice and shiny

Evie making sure the yard is lovely and spotless

Isla getting stuck in to mucking out

Lilly-May jumping Pip

Georgie and Belle

Drew having a jump...practise

Samson and Hugo

Georgie jumping Belle

Penny jumping Pip

Saskia jumping Belle

All the Children, dressed and ready to go for the Pony Club Show 2017