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August - Summer Showcase

Where do we begin with August? How about all the amazing Pony Club Days each week?

Thank you to everyone who came week in, week out and joined in, helped out or just dropped someone off in the morning. We love having your continued support of our little Riding School and, as I’m sure you can tell from all the social media, we love having everyone involved in it, too.

This month has been fantastic. The Pony Club Days have really helped children push themselves further to reach the next level. To name just a few people who have exceeded themselves this summer: Georgia, coming off the lead rein at the very end of Summer; Evie W, the master poo picker; and, Double Trouble Lily and Ella, who no matter what the task – even if it means running off before it’s been said – always try their best to do it right! Every single one of you have done amazing this summer but we would be here all day if we said how fabulous you all were.

The main event this year landed at the end of August with our annual Pony Club Summer Showcase! It was a mixture of abilities and therefore a combination of events. In the morning we had Obstacle Races for the children who have either just come off the lead rein or, through tremendous hard work, are just above that level – controlling ponies is hard work, you know? Placings and photos are below:

1st – Ella and Pip

2nd – Lilly-May and Meggy

3rd – Drew and Meggy

4th – Evie W and Pip

5th – Lily and Meggy

In the afternoon, we held host to some fantastic Dressage tests. Again, these children had been working their little bottoms off to make sure their tests went the best they could – and my goodness, did they go well! The videos are around 7 minutes long each. Therefore, if any parents would like these, we can happily give you them on a Saturday. Pictures and placings however, are below:

1st – Georgie and Belle

2nd – Isy and Meggy

3rd – Kaela and Dreamer

4th – Isla and Meggy

5th – Lucy and Pip

6th – Evie R and Pip

Georgia, Elouisa and Phoebe didn’t take part in the Showcase, but they did get their very own Special rosette for taking part and getting better every week. But just you wait until next year!

On top of all that, if it’s even possible, there were three trophies to hand out. Now, as much as we would love to give awards to every single one of you, we have to narrow it down every single year, and trust us, it’s extremely difficult!

The Best Overall award is given to someone who tries their hardest all year round – being there as much as possible, helping out with everything they can physically do, from leading ponies in the early morning cold to mucking out stables – it’s a difficult choice, but we narrowed it down.

The Most Improved award is given to the person we feel has literally improved the most in their riding ability throughout the year. Again, it is a difficult choice to narrow down, and we really were stuck between a few for quite some time, but it can only go to one person.

Finally, the Tack and Turnout award is given on the day, depending on how well person and pony scrub up. It is judged on the horses’ tack, grooming and overall impeccability; and the rider’s perfectly polished boots, cream jodhpurs and two matching gloves all help you to win the race. Again, only one winner can be chosen. The results are below:

Best Overall – Kaela

Most Improved – Georgie

Tack and Turnout – Isla

This month has been a great one and definitely one to remember. Thank you again to everyone who has joined us this Summer and well done to every single one of you.

Until next month,

Lime Oaks

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